You're at the club minding your own business when the promoter runs up and grabs you and says "Hey! We have a problem and I'm desperate... Can you grab the wheels and save the club?"


Listen to amazing music THAT YOU MAKE YOURSELF as you combine 36 different loop tracks into the ultimate crowd pleaser!

Use your deck of track cards to assemble a killer jam 

Unlock upgrades like LIGHT SHOWS, ball drops and wicked scratches

Make the ultimate mash up and entertain a club full of very picky audiences!

Become the DJ you always knew you could be!


Grab one of the cards on the bottom of the screen 
Drag it to the matching slot when it appears. 
You'll see a countdown in the UI when the slot will disappear
The current audience reaction is on the right side of the screen. You want to keep this full!
Play music they like to raise the score (look at the icons on the cards and match them)
Use your effects for a boost if things are bad
If you score high enough you can unlock new levels and equipment


Download 34 MB
Download 35 MB

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